A New Perspective on Multi-taskers and Multi-screeners

I have no doubt that as you are reading this, you are somehow connected through another device whether that be a smartphone, social media organizer or even having another article open to reference. Our brains are now rewired to treat this “chaos” as normal.

I used to think this age of “immediate information” resulted in a community with a shortened attention span. What I see now is that the attention is not distracted, but focused on what is most important in the moment. This need for instant information keeps us on our toes and reaching toward “the next big thing.”

This new understanding of digital media allows us to better connect with our clients and their consumers through shared interests and experiences. Our agency has made outstanding achievements in new technology over the last few years. We are not only changing the way we interact with our clients but with their customers as well.

This ever-changing digital landscape demands us to evaluate the impact of connected consumerism and how it forces a shift in the future of customer engagement. We see this trend of multi-screening as no longer a negative thing but a grand opportunity. For marketers, this combination of device accessibility and spur-of-the-moment usage means there are now more opportunities to connect with consumers.

At CCG we are always looking for the best ways to connect with our clients and their customers. While using the most advanced digital technology for our clients, it’s crucial that we do the same for ourselves and on that note, I will go on to update our Twitter page.

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