CCG Profile: Covrig brings sunshine and smiles

Kara Covrig, one of Clark Creative Group’s most recent additions, brings contagious joy to CCG with her impressive sense of humor, strong work ethic and sunny disposition.

A graduate from Wayne State College with a degree in advertising, and a Master’s in organizational leadership from the College of Saint Mary, Covrig acts as Media Specialist and Account Coordinator. From managing deadlines and traffic schedules, to regulating agency and station direction, Covrig tackles her duties with her signature positivity.

Excellent organizational skills and a strong ability to coordinate media deadlines aren’t the only tools necessary to a day in the life of Covrig. Colored pens, Post-its, to-do lists and Blistex often make cameo appearances throughout her daily activities, helping her remain organized.

“When you finally realize ‘Okay, we’re done for the day,’ and you look at your calendar at the end of the week, and you changed all your colors to ‘done’ you get to kind of geek-out for a moment,” Covrig said with a smile.

When it comes to Blistex, Covrig just might be the company’s number one fan, joking of her addiction to the beloved lip balm.

“They tried to prove it on Myth Busters … they said they don’t put anything in it to make you need it, and during that episode I put it on at least 18 times!” she explained.

Outside of work, her passion for helping others is evident through the many hours she spends volunteering to help those with developmental disabilities at the Munroe-Meyer Institute and the Mosaic in Omaha.

If she wasn’t skillfully coordinating traffic at CCG, Covrig stated: “I would work with kids and adults with special needs the entire time. I would be involved in their charity events, be a fundraiser, just be there and hang out, and be out in the community to be a voice for others.”

Not only is she avidly involved in helping others, but Covrig also finds time to enjoy art and spend time with her large family.

“I love to be creative with canvases and different textures and stuff … my dream would be that all the artwork in our house is by me.”

Covrig’s deep-rooted, family-orient comes from the close relationships she holds with her mom and dad, twin sisters who have special needs, many nieces and nephews—this August, she will become an aunt for the ninth time—and her husband, Joey.

In the last year Covrig’s family has expanded much more, as she is more than just a talented addition to the CCG team; she has become an invaluable member of the CCG family.

Perhaps kindness and positivity are the secret ingredients in Blistex.

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