CCG Profile: Feagan shares love for design and dirt trails

When describing herself in three words, Roxzanne Feagan said, “Adventurous, honest and helpful.” The modest Vice President of Graphic Services at Clark Creative Group left out one thing: Her keen eye for style.

It all started with an 8th grade class assignment. While most kids would groan and moan at the thought of any type of schoolwork, Feagan was intrigued by this particular task.

One of her junior high classes was chosen to collaborate on a billboard for their school district (District 66). Feagan and her peers had the opportunity to create a design that would later be painted onto an actual billboard.

“When you’re in junior high and you see what you did, up on a street billboard, that’s huge. That’s very impactful,” Feagan said.

She wasn’t introduced to the commercial part of design until her high school years, when she took a commercial art class. One class project was to create a logo and letterhead. It was during that course Feagan decided, “This is what I want to do. What I want to go into, anyway.”

It’s safe to say Feagan’s fingertips were destined to ooze creativity, as she pursued commercial art through college, knowing one day she would end up at an agency. “I’m always very attentive to style, in all different realms. Not just in two-dimensional design, but just out in the world,” she said. “Just color and balance, I’m always aware of it. It always affects me emotionally, wherever I go.”

The creativity wheels aren’t the only thing churning in Feagan’s life. She’s an amateur bicyclist and president of the trail club, “Trails Have Our Respect.”

Feagan initially bought a bike to ride on the Keystone Trail, later coming across the sport by accident. The first time she ever attempted a dirt trail she “crashed all over the place.” But now, Feagan is far from her first attempt, as she manages bike races around Omaha, and has a record of winning.

“The sport kind of completes who I am, in a way,” Feagan said.

Along with her bicycling accomplishments, Feagan has nearly 18 years at CCG under her belt. “I feel like I’m working with my family members. We all can be ourselves and know that each of us has a say in a project and we’re all validated in what we do,” she said. “And that’s really encouraging. You’re not just a body in a chair, and that’s really important.”

When asked what she would do if she inherited a pizzeria, Feagan’s creativity is hardly tested. Without hesitation she shared her love for pizza, then brainstormed aloud what she would do with the establishment.

“Well, because bikers are typically huge eaters, I would probably theme it somehow, not necessarily around cycling, but maybe, ya know, “The Wheel.” Because sometimes pizzas are called a wheel.”

Case in point, Feagan is a triple threat—graphic design guru, pizza lover and cycler extraordinaire. It’s surprising she doesn’t have a stationary bike in her cubicle.

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