Daryl Doesn’t Coast

If you know CCG Creative Director and Omaha native Daryl Anderson, you know he’s got a knack for creativity. You’ll also know, he doesn’t coast.

A few months ago, Anderson was hand-picked to join a team of 16 local marketing and design professionals to help develop a bold, creative brand for the greater Omaha area—something that would explain Omaha and its surrounding cities in a simple, punchy string of words. A “rallying cry for the region,” if you will. An expression that described Omaha’s middle-of-the-states location, strong work ethic, vibrancy and petri dish of creativity, arts and culture. Thus, a brand that accurately communicated the character of the region was molded into the city’s mantra: We Don’t Coast.

Anderson’s role in helping shape the “We Don’t Coast” slogan and brand consisted of leveraging his expertise in a design charrette on April 29 and 30. The collaborative process involved reviewing market research and surveys “gathered from the community about the strengths, weaknesses and visitor knowledge and opinions of Omaha, and breaking into small groups to conceptualize and present different branding approaches,” he said.

After the brand concepts made rounds among each group, the team of 16 coasted towards the final creative. Anderson said he was honored to be selected to work on the project.

“The most rewarding part of this exercise was collaborating with all of the incredible talent that was assembled,” Anderson said. “Each individual was able to use their expertise to create and deliver a brand story that the entire region can adopt and take pride in.” 

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