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We here at Clark Creative Group love building websites powered by EllisLab’s Content Management System (CMS), ExpressionEngine (EE). For those who are not familiar with EE, I strongly recommend checking out EllisLab’s website and downloading the free “core” copy for yourself. EE provides us with a very robust and scalable CMS to power our clients’ websites. Out of the box, EE provides all the tools needed to build great websites, but with a couple of plugins these great websites become powerful websites.

We were given the challenge of taking a client’s current information-heavy database and presenting it in very neat and user friendly package on their website. All while making the data import process seamless for the client. This was a big challenge, but one we were excited to accept.

Because of the scalability of EE, we were able to use two plugins to help us complete our task: Reefine by Ralph Media and Importer by Solspace. Separate these plugins are amazing, but combined they provided our client a very user-friendly way to upload, manage, search and filter a large database of information. The plugins also made it a snap for us to design an appealing front-end. Check it out for yourself at

Importer by Solspace
Importer allows you to import various types of data from local or remote data sources into ExpressionEngine content such as channel entries or members. Read More

Reefine by Ralph Media
Reefine allows your users to easily filter, search and refine your entries, in the familiar way of many major ecommerce websites. Read More

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