New Year, New Goals

One great thing about each New Year is the opportunity to set new goals. As an agency and as individuals, we thrive off of goals—work related and personal. To help reign in 2015, some of our very own CCG employees shared their goals and resolutions for the New Year. 

“My 2015 goal: live on 1,200 calories per day without eliminating bagels.” 
- Fred Clark, President and Creative Director 

“Try to view my triplets graduating from high school this year as an exciting new chapter in all of our lives, mine included.” 
- Melanie Morrissey Clark, President 

“Teach myself some new recipes, read more and, finally, cancel my cable subscription!” 
- Roxzanne Feagan, Vice President of Graphic Services 

“I’m going to try to be taller this year, by at least two inches.” 
- Kevin Reiner, Head Video Editor 

“Wear less black in the winter, make the bed each day and unplug more often.” 
- Lauren Huber, Sr. Account Executive, Dir. of Business Development  

“In 2015, I’m hoping to find a way to get two babies out the door and get to work on time. I have a new baby due in March, so that’s my goal starting in June.” 
- Andrea Nash, Media Buyer, Online Media Specialist 

“Find out what makes ChapStick so addictive, find a cure to end all static hair, wear less scarves—just kidding, scarves are amazing—and enjoy time with my new baby boy Levi.” 
- Kara Covrig, Media Specialist, Account Coordinator 

“No, but really, I'm taking my dry-clean-only items to the dry cleaners this year. I'm really going to do it … probably.” 
- Molly Polson, Video Editor 

“Try to not lose my keys and phone on a daily basis, learn to like mushrooms—or pretend to—and recycle more.” 
- Anna Lynch, Account Coordinator, Copywriter  

“I resolve to drink more water.” 
- Althea Satterfield, Graphic Designer  

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